The Rules of Padiddle

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What do I take off....?

Now... first of all, for all of you who are wondering...'what is padiddle'... I know there are only like, 5 of you, but anyway. Padiddle is a fun filled car game where you remove something that you are wearing if someone see's another car with a burnt out head light. Now of the 5 who didn't know what padiddle was, I'm sure there has to be at least .342 people that are thinking, 'that's crazy, I'm not going to strip in my car, I'm never playing', if YOU are one of these people, NEVER get in my car. On to the rules.

The Rules

A) How To Play
 1) You -MUST- play Padiddle
 2) If you see a car with a headlight burnt out, you punch the ceiling and yell "Padiddle".
 3) If you call the Padiddle and it's valid, the other person or team (Padiddle is usually played guys vs. girls) must remove an article of clothing. Other rules may apply
  4) If you call a Padiddle and the headlight is not completely out, -YOU- must remove an article of clothing. A miss called Padiddle consists of EITHER saying the -entire- word "Padiddle" OR punching the ceiling and pulling your hand down. Doing one or both of these results in a miss-called Padiddle.

B) Removing Clothing
  1) When removing clothing you must remove the article(s) that apply to that specific Padiddle.
  2) Things that do not count when removing clothing are the fallowing; socks, shoes, glasses, jewelry, hats, and other accessories.

C) Types of Padiddles
  1) Car Padiddle ( 1 item off)
   a. A car with a headlight burnt out. Counts for one (1) article of clothing. The losers choice. Called by yelling "Padiddle" and punching the ceiling.
   b. Car anti-padiddle (1 item on)
    i. A car with a burnt out tail light. The person who calls this gets to put on one article of clothing. Winners Choice. Called but yelling "anti-padiddle" and punching the floor.
   c. Fog light Padiddles
     i. A fog light padiddle is when a fog light is burnt out on a car. When called, nothing comes off for this type of padiddle, but the person who calls it gets to decide what the other person/team takes off for the next real car padiddle. This option only applies to car padiddles. Called by yelling "fog padiddle" and punching the ceiling.
   2) Truck padiddles. (18 wheelers) (4 items off)
    a. Truck padiddles work just like normal car padiddles and are called by yelling "truck padiddle" and punching the ceiling. The difference is that with a normal car padiddle one (1) thing comes off but with a truck padiddle, four (4) things come off.
    b. Truck fog padiddles (3 car fog or 1.5 car padiddles)
     i. Same as car fog padiddles. Called by yelling "truck fog padiddle" and punching the ceiling. Instead of being able to choice one article of clothing, for the truck fog padiddle you get to pick three (3) articles of clothing that will be removed when the next real truck padiddle is seen.
    c. Truck anti-padiddles (3 items on)
     i. Works the same way as car anti-padiddles. Called by yelling "truck anti-padiddle" and punching the floor. The difference between this and a car anti-padiddle is that when you see a truck anti-padiddle, you get to put back on three (3) articles of clothing instead of one (1).
  3) Day time padiddle
   a. A day time padiddle can consist of two things
     i. Day time running lights
      1. These work like normal padiddles. They are called the same way and have the same effect.
     ii. Brake light padiddle
      1. Only applicable during the day. Every brake light out counts as one padiddle. To call a brake padiddle, you punch the ceiling and yell, "brake padiddle".

D) Specials
  1) Exemptions
    a. You maybe exempt, by choice, from playing padiddle if you have a boy/girlfriend, sick, or if you are with someone who is in your own family.
  2) Cop padiddles (everything off)
    a. The all powerful cop padiddle is called by punching the ceiling twice (two times) and yelling, "cop padiddle". For this rare event, the losing team must remove everything. No questions.
    b. Cop anti-padiddle (everything on)
     i. The cop anti-padiddle works the same way as all other anti-padiddles but with the cop anti-padiddle, the winning team gets to put everything back on.
  3. Traffic Light Padiddle (3 items off)
   a. Simply, if you see a traffic light burnt out (ie. red, amber, green) punch the ceiling and yell 'traffic light padiddle'.

E) End Padiddle
  1) Turning off the car
   a. Once the engine is shut off, the game is over and everyone gets dressed. When you get back in the car, you start a new game.
  2) What happens during padiddle stays in the car. Do NOT speak about padiddle games.

Rev. 2.2

edition 2.1